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I am a 28 (well my bday is Sunday!) year old female. I struggle with my mental issues, I am on medication. I work full time, I create art. I’m engaged to a wonderful man, and we have a fantastic townhouse together. I struggle with self harm, and my eating disorder. I consider myself to be a stronger person than I once was. I have been fighting the good fight through recovery, and love the person that I am.

But I was triggered today. Not by just one picture, but by all the others who commented and reposted it saying how they are going to eat what she eats so they can lose the weight to be her size. I haven’t had soup in years. It was a food I ate to lose weight and keep it off. And yet today I found myself in the soup isle debating if I could hide it, and eat only that when no one was home. It was a crack in my mind, and when I snapped out of it, I was disappointed that I had the thought, but proud that I worked it through my brain, and knew it was the wrong decision.

Yes, I was triggered, but I remembered how much happier and healthier I am while fighting the good fight with recovery.

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    Absolutely amazing. How in that moment of vulnerability, you found the strength to pull through for yourself. You’re an...
  2. hormonalromance said: I’m proud of you. I’ve been through ittoo and its not easy. Its great to see you live your life with purpose <3 stay healthy.
  3. natshermansandguerlain said: keep fighting every day, youre worth it!
  4. lunarynth said: Well done, I am proud. <3
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