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From an anon who let me put these in one post. :) I tried to break it up a bit too.

okay since no one seems to understand why he needs to pay alimony and how it’s not fair i’m going to explain it to you as someone who has witnessed multiple divorced and court ordered alimony payments. in a marriage all assets are shared. this means what is one persons is the others. now since assets are shared, and this is understood between both parties upon entering a marriage, this can affect the lifestyle of one or both members of the marriage.

for example, skye didn’t have to work because greg agreed to support both of them. this is a mutual agreement between the involved parties that alters their lifestyle. it’s the same as if a husband asks his wife to leave her job to stay home and watch the kids, or a wife tells her husband he doesn’t need to take a promotion that will stress him out more because her income contributes. basically the opinion of the one party influences the financial situation of the other.

if skye wasn’t in the position where she was married to someone who agreed to support her, than she would obviously have her own job or else how would she live? now, since the marriage ended these assets that were shared need to be split by the two parties accordingly. and here’s the thing, if one party is not making enough financially on their own to support a reasonable lifestyle to what they held, because the other party was allowing them to use their income as support, and the marriage ends by the supporting party’s hand, then they are obligated to financially assist the other person for the time being in order to give them adequate time to get their life back together and at the state it was prior.

when this decision is made, both incomes are taken into consideration, as well as the economy (ie how easy can it be for the person to find a job), and the current salary of both employees. therefore, the court would not mandate greg pay more than they knew for a fact he was financially able to give in order to support both himself and skye.

also, a random number isn’t just picked out of thin air and that’s that. both parties have the ability to try to negotiate payments, it doesn’t mean they’ll definitely get their way, but usually some type of agreement is met, such as lesser payments for previously undisclosed reasons, or a lower payment over a longer period of time or what have you. i can assure you the number agreed upon was at the end of a long legal debate.

how can anyone argue that it’s fair that someone promises another person “i am going to be with you the rest of your life, and you don’t need to work as much because i’ll take care of you” only to have the marriage end by that person’s hand and the innocent party is thrown on the street basically because they have no means to support themself thanks to their previous spouse? like come one guys. really? (side note, if its easier for you to just put these all in one large post that’s fine)

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