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Why does greg have to pay all that money? (I know he signed the contract) but i was windering if maybe he cheated on her or something. I think forcing him to pay that much is sorta selfish because he's basically paying rent for himself and rent for his ex. It could cause him to be depressed and he could loose his home.

The timing of the whole thing is pretty odd. It seems like he did in fact cheat on his wife, with a minor, (17) and left the state with the minor (?) He very much was moving onto another relationship and the end of his marriage. The reason he has to pay so much, is because it’s what the court ordered. They above all else, know the true reasons.

If he was unable to pay the amount, I would have expected him to fight it. If for some reason he couldn’t fight it, I’d like to think that he’d start factoring in the cost immediately. This isn’t something new for him, he has known, and paid for a while now. If the money he makes from his videos is not enough, then he should look into another job. If it was a brand new agreement, I would not blame him for thinking it was too much. But he’s known what was legally planned out for him.

I do not believe she is being greedy or selfish.They were married, and when the divorce started to go through, they both had to meet with lawyers to figure out what was the right way to end things. His pleading now, begging his ex to “let him go so he could move on” is bullshit in my opinion. He has known for a while how long his payments must be made to her. He had no issue moving on with Shilo. Paying for her medical bills, planning on having children. While still paying his ex wife what he legally obligated to pay.

It’s not like she is going to read his whining posts, begging posts, to stop taking his money. She isn’t forcing him to pay, the court is making him pay. She cannot just say “Aww poor Greg, makes money making videos, has no other income, has dated other people, maybe I should cut him some slack!” No, at this point she does not need to speak to him, unless the court requires her to.