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"why why why is she still taking from me?" BECAUSE YOU FUCKING SIGNED THAT CONTRACT. jesus, he's the biggest pussy in the world. i don't understand his problem, i mean yes, it might be a lot of money for him if business "hasn't been too good" but he has to remember that he signed the contract and by signing it he commited himself to pay her about 1000dollars a month for 6 years. so why does he think that contract isn't valid anymore after a year? he's making himself look so ridiculous. asshole.

He’s being so immature. He acts like she is stealing, when he is legally obligated to be making her payments. She doesn’t want you back, she just wants what the court says you HAVE to pay her. Ya make adult decisions, you have to be an adult about the consequences.

Suck it up dude. This isn’t something new.

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