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What is all the stuff about this Onison guy? Can you please explain to me this recent drama about him? xoxo

Recent? Hmm, well the most recent drama I can speak of has to deal with his ex wife, and the alimony spousal support)  that he owes her. Through the divorce there can be an agreement met dealing with that money he has to pay her. It has been some time that he has been paying her, but now he is “suicidal” (something that you do not joke about) over the fact that he has to pay her. He is claiming that she isn’t letting go of him, and that if she allowed him to stop paying, it would be like the closing chapter or something of their marriage.

But that’s not how it works. He is putting his private life out there by spreading it all over the web. Complaining on how unfair it is, and how it’s her holding on, when it is not. It is her getting what the court demands she get. It was an agreement.  He posted online that he tries to contact her about it, but she doesn’t respond in any way other than copy and pasting things from the agreement. That is perfectly okay for her to do. Why should she want to get into a long conversation about it, when it’s something he is obligated to do, and we all know he’d end up posting the conversation online anyway?
His posting about this online is pretty freaking stupid in my book. He knows he has die hard followers that would do ANYTHING to support him. And of course they will write nasty things to/about his ex wife, since the situation is causing him so much anxiety. He gets paid to make his videos. He makes a good amount of money from it. He has paid her previous months, so why is he so upset now? If his paycheck from the videos is not enough for him to live off of and continue alimony, then he should by all means go get another job. Is he not putting any of his money away into savings? Since he has been paying his ex wife, shouldn’t he already factor that into his budget?

What I don’t get by his sudden bout of depression/suicidal thoughts (again, not a joke dude) is where it came from. He has been paying, and has to continue. Was there no current drama in his life for him to bitch about? Why not make another video slut shaming? Or victim blaming? Or ya know, continue his hate speech videos making rape and abuse into jokes? Where did this alimony subject come from? Why put it online? He is so wishy-washy when it comes to doing things private or public.

He’s ridiculous. Truth fact. And I dislike how people can say “Oh I don’t agree with what he says all the time, but his videos make me laugh, so I love him.” Wow, how does that make any sense.

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