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as far as that onision guys age, i'm not sure how old you are, but he posted a picture on his fb of his middle school ID with the caption "what i looked like when i was 12". and on the ID are the years 1998-99. so assuming everything said was the truth, he should be about 25-26 now. definitely way too old to be acting the way he does. i'm 21 and i wouldn't be caught dead acting the way he does. when he goes to get a REAL job and they search him on the internet he's so screwed.

Yeah so he is a few years younger than me. So as an adult, he shouldn’t be acting the way he does. Even if he thinks he can be a good “role model” or someone to look up to, he’s not setting the best example. At least with posting all his drama or with his speak videos that make me face palm constantly. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find his comedy videos entertaining, in the least.

Aw the wonders of the internet, it can really screw you over in certain situations. Getting a job being one of them. I bet when Greg meets new girls he intends on dating (or making babies with lol) he tells them he’s suuuper internet famous, and that she would search him up.

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