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that onision guy is ridiculous. his ex wife is obviously not "Refusing to let him go", she's getting her LEGAL money. he even said when he "asked her to let him go" she just sent him statements from the legal paper and refused to talk to him about anything else. that doesn't really sound like a girl who's trying to hang onto her ex. sounds more like a girl who's getting what she's entitled to so she can move on with her life and not stooping to her childish ex's level.

THANK YOU! If I was her, I’d be doing the same thing. He’s bringing their life back into the spotlight AGAIN, and it’s smart of her to not get sucked in. SO he is messaging her, and she refuses to talk. Good for her, she has no obligation to talk to him. To tell him “aww it’s okay honey, screw the law! You don’t have to pay what you are required to pay! I’m doing this to say I’m still in loooove with you!”

Ew, no. She is moving on. She doesn’t want him, but since they were married, and he pulled some shady shit (which goes against the “morals” he tries to teach in his videos) They had an agreement, and they have to stick to it. He needs to stop bitching about it and posting about it. This is just making his followers hate a girl who is just getting what she should be legally. His followers are so blind that they want to attack someone to protect his honor and life.

He gets paid a lot of money to make his stupid videos. A lot of money. If that is not enough to live on, while paying alimony, well guess what dude, he has to get another job or something! How much is he paying her a month, like a grand? A bit over? That’s like an apartment payment! (well in some areas, for a nice one in my town) Since he knew at the time of the agreement, that he’d have to pay her as well, he should have factored that into his funds. To bitch about how it’s sooo much money now, well then he wasn’t taking the court order very seriously at first was he?

The only thing that’s keeping them connected, is the alimony. Which he agreed to pay in the beginning. 

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