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why does that onision guy talk like a middle school girl when he's an adult man?

I’m pretty sure he’s around my age (maybe a year younger?) but yeah, he’s super immature. He puts on this persona (IMO) to try and reach as many age groups as possible. And since most of his viewers are younger, he has to make things interesting for them. He wants to be seen as a friend, someone that knows you care )liking their posts on tumblr) and someone that can help you with touchy subjects, can entertain you, and in sharing his own stories make you feel like you are not alone.

Now, to be fair I like to share my story here, but with him it’s his whole life made public. He goes back and forth between posting drama, to asking for people to send him private messages if it’s drama, right back to making videos and emo FB posts about the drama.

I’m pretty sure he wants to keep his younger demographic, since they are impressionable and still learning about the world. The problem is, he is spreading some bad morals, but makes them seem like they are the end all be all if you want to be “as cool as him”. As an adult I see him as a manchild and spreading the wrong messages.

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